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erosion of nasal septum ulcer symptoms and treatment

2011-11-12 20:39| publisher: admin| Views: 1923| Comment: 0




actually check the nasal ulcer is generally more can be found, were located front of the nasal septum. patients often feel dry and nasal discomfort, and when tears in the blood, or nose bleeding, ulcers often dry scab attached to the surface, remove the dry scab visible wounds, such as infection or malignant granuloma is special ulcers and shape, larger, deeper wounds, proliferative thickening of the edges. moss may have pus, bleeding and other performance. such as deep decay, can lead to nasal septum perforation.


remove the cause. local can remove dry crust, coated with 10% silver nitrate, and then coated with anti-inflammatory ointment. body can serve vitamin c, vitamin b2 and so on. if nasal deformity should be corrected.

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