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7 class woman in marriage do not lose their

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husband is having an affair? why they always feel neglected? why do we always have endless parade of heart? ... ... so you lamented a woman is difficult, so a woman tired. but you have to reflect on before: how much anxiety is unnecessary? how

less to worry about the cocoon? lost out of their own psychological swamp, you'll find brighter, more exciting life.

one cranky as improve their own

melting children in moving past when her husband accidentally discovered a diary, learned her husband before and some of the things between lovers, since then, she questioned her husband every day how this is going, but she also read over and over again many times diary, memorize in mind, go, will recall her husband and others to come here over whether to do what , and so on. this is very painful to her, night after night to sleep during the day but also the motivation to work. their children are in elementary school, children do not want to melt and her husband divorced, but they can not forgive her husband, and thus torture each other, so that her husband is also extremely painful.

although many women do not have the so extreme behavior, but they still often easy to doubt the loyalty of her husband or boyfriend, to a lot of energy for the cranky. they not only lack of trust of each other, but lack of confidence. they need to always ask yourself: life time, i take much time to consider their own lives, work and play it? i should put so much time to think of some people and things unrelated to it?

will suddenly realize that some people think, feel that they should give more consideration to their own growth, rather like watching a thief like to live to see her husband and his own tortured mind both sides, looks haggard, not as more concerned with improving their own quality and improve themselves. man is often unable to see , and take their own most important thing. self-confidence, self-love of a woman have charm!

two, not to lose their dedication

half of a person's character is derived from genetic, acquired the remaining half is due to the environmental impact and education. women in the growth process, parents will unconsciously give them too much protection, the girl seems to be squeamish than boys, some men should help women. as a result there are more women than men dependency.

many women marry later, the main energy on her husband and children, and feel the struggle of her husband out on the line, the husband of your wife wing, and he does not pray to the into, the outside world gradually alienated. when her husband's career, the child grew up, she becomes a superfluous man, unattractive in the eyes of others, and he was very inferior.

maternal women who make themselves willing to be altruistic, but women that do not consider their own growth, career and hobbies, it was soon dedicated space, the final loss of self. even if the family is very wealthy, women should have their own careers and space, because women's confidence comes from self- reliance.

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