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gastroscopy nursing intervention, the results in the evaluation of

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Abstract: Objective To investigate the nursing interventions in the clinical effects of gastroscopy. Side

law will 100 patients with routine gastroscopy semi-randomly divided into observation group and control group of 50 patients. Study group interventional care interventions in the control group according to conventional methods to be checked. Results of two groups of patients during gastroscopy nausea number of checks before and after the blood pressure and pulse changes, the time required for successful insertion mirror, patient stress, fear of grading, the difference was significant (P <0105, P <0.01). conclusion positive gastroscopy nursing intervention in the process can significantly reduce or alleviate the patient's physical and psychological stress reactions, and the elimination of patient stress, fear, reduce the incidence of nausea and discomfort, shorten the time required for examination etc. all have important clinical significance.

With the continuous development of modern treatment techniques, endoscopic techniques in the field of clinical medicine plays an increasingly important role, is the most common diagnosis of upper gastrointestinal diseases means of diagnosis and treatment. However, the implementation of the inspection process as endoscopy patients and lack of knowledge of understanding the misunderstanding, often feel nervous, fear and nausea, blood pressure, pulse and other physical stress reaction, not only to patients in pain , also may affect the surgeon's operation, even the check can not be. To this end, we explore the process of examination and inspection prior to take an active nursing interventions to reduce the patient's physical examination during the emergence and psychological stress response. Are as follows.

1 Materials and Methods

111 General Information

112 method

11211 intervention

11212 methods of observation

11213 statistical methods

2 results

211 endoscopy patients in two groups of blood pressure and pulse changes in the value of more

212 two groups of patients during the examination tension, fear and nausea are quite

213 two endoscopy to the descending duodenum and the papilla comparing the time required

3 discussions

in endoscopy process, a variety of stressors acting on the patient, not only affect the patient's body environment is stable, but will also increase the difficulty of inspection. Thus, to take positive and effective nursing interventions to help patients improve overall ability to adapt to best meet the state adjusted to the body, reduce or mitigate for the patient's somatic and psychological stress reactions, and effectively reduce the inserted mirror the success of the take time and so have important clinical significance.


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