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strange tricks to lose weight Korean star Song Hye Kyo

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kim hee-sun honey diet

first korean beauty kim hee-sun is hard to imagine into the performing arts community before, is a humble, "xiao panmei." in fact, her appetite is not great, but she likes to eat sweets, dessert is not the temptation to quit, is a friend of the "honey diet", to maintain her good figure attractive.

said that although the sugar content of honey is indeed a lot, but it is rich in vitamins, the body fat, poor health are the most suitable for use honey instead of dinner. she said that, in fact, very simple, as long as 30 grams of honey added a liter of water mixed, you can also add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to taste, drink two or three days, there will be unexpected results, an average of about three to four kilograms it will thin. lee young-ae grapes thin

tall beauty lee young ae korean temperament, did not come out some time after the event, a lot of weight gain. raise money for charity recently hosted television programs, especially before she tried the usual "grape diet", said the effect is quite good, the entertainment industry back to her more confident.

feel fat every time lee young-ae, it will quickly use the "grape diet" to lose weight. this method is very simple, only about a week on it. in seven days, grapes, and drink plenty of water a day, while brewing the best type of glucose had to eat, use it to recover from fatigue, to add strength. of course, plenty of water daily intake is very important, a week after the body will be found not only thinner, the skin becomes more beautiful then.

park yong ha greater the pressure the more handsome

park, r. since the debut, each stage has his different style, whether it is early "hope song" or the recent "winter sonata" and "little mermaid", his appearance and body is always changing. especially from the beginning of this year, his actor identity, but also serve up singer, the whole becomes not the same as before and not only become handsome, she is also a lot of lean.

park yong ha's friends around, looked at him significantly changed, also jokingly asked him if he deliberately lose weight, or to plastic. park yong ha said with laugh and cry, all by "pressure" to lose weight, park yong ha said: "although i thought the singer's activities will be tired, but did not think that is so hard, because the relationship between the live concert, usually necessary to maintain their own voice, at any time should pay attention to small details, which made me very sensitive, i really respected around the singers. "

although the identity of an actor park yong ha has a considerable reputation, but the identity of a singer is a completely new terms. made a singer, he suffered considerable pressure, often lack of sleep, loss of appetite, the body becomes extremely weak in the short weight from 67 kg to 61 kg.

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