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Yang Mi plastic surgery before and after the cf (Figure)

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yang mi compared before and after plastic surgery photos

yang mi's cute so well known. recently, many friends who were yang mi cosmetic contrast, through its business for some of the photos can be seen that yang mi's face does have a lot of different entertainment in china seems to evolve into a meal by the face of the industry for power users cosmetic yang posted relevant photos contrast we analyze below.

actually cast this career will be very sacred, but it is special in their own ignorance, i felt this is a no contact with the area, nor imagined would be a look like, what it looks like i have gladly accepted, because i have walked this road, and i am very firm, very determined to tell myself, i will always go this way, so no matter what it was like this career, i have overall acceptance, can be, but i will make myself look like that, not the same as with others, so the surrounding environment can not change me, i can only grow.

the waves pushed forward waves, the entertainment generation replacing the old one, april 26, "80 the new generation of entertainment star" contest announced the new "four little star" list of selected people: yang mi, huang, wang luo dan and liu yifei. among them, the "classical spice girls," said yang mi overwhelmingly elected the "four little star" of the first.

but many people are non-red, yang mi accused had plastic surgery. yang mi rumors turned out to be a square face, and then to lift the four wisdom teeth pulled. yang mi original face, although the side, but not width, aspect ratio are relatively modest, the results of thin face, the face becomes too long, which has concave, then we have become to see the "ku gualian." wang ren silu has black belly broke the news in a blog celebrity plastic surgery exposed the circle, which wrote, "i do think michael wong (cosmetic) good looking, really special is the absolute failure of yang mi, not only extraction, is also suspect did buccal fat pad, leading to sagging muscles, failure of failure. " is being defamatory or was true, it seems to be all on her own up. but if you really like yang mi, they will not care about them, after all, she is the real materials. popular entertainment is not just rely on the appearance. this can be seen by comparing yang mi plastic surgery.

yang mi for art for many years, 4-year-old chen lin director in the "emperor" in his face; 6 years old has starred in "king of beggars" is stephen chow played daughter; 13-year-old became the new darling of ads, the filming of a large treasure, m-zone, the laf and other well-known brand advertising, and jackie chan, liu ye, chen kun, jay and other big-name artists on the scene; 16 years old, she has opened up new areas, become "ruili", "cutting-edge" plane models and other fashion magazines. 18 years old that year, yang mi officially entered the entertainment circle, not only in director zhang jizhong's "evil" in perfect shape cute beautiful "small click here to see" guo xiang, also the first, she was admitted to specialized beijing film academy .

we may contrast by yang mi plastic surgery can see some clues, and entertainment information is used for entertainment. we have to respect their personal privacy. plastic items and now more and more mature, so that people do not see any clues.

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