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pregnant women to eat foods which will be abortion?

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favorite girls one when the mother must manage their mouth, although crabs, longan and other food supplement appears to be very great nutritional value, but it is taboo in the food taboos during pregnancy, eating cold foods and warm nature of the food will lead to threatened abortion.

many food taboos during pregnancy, and can not be free to mix and match food.

"threatened abortion" turned out to be crab blame

yue yue in the memories of their mother's pregnancy when something embarrassing jokes, more than one month of her pregnancy when he suffered a "threatened abortion." when she and her husband in ottawa, canada, unfamiliar, do not know how to do. after by a friend, found a familiar chinese try to miscarriage. yue yue mother was forced to drink bitter medicine day after day, feeling the same punishment as above, but the baby is finally saved. later, she learned to follow a male friend, she had such experiences because of her favorite "vancouver crab." it turned out that crab is cool, and pregnant people should eat less. in addition, like the turtle, longan these nourishing foods should also be taboos. yue yue mother almost lost her because of greedy and cute baby.

become mothers, really insulated with food, because improper diet during pregnancy may affect fetal development and maternal health, so the mothers to learn to manage their the mouth. so, in addition to crabs such as cold foods, what kind of diet to diet of pregnant mothers do? what can not be mixed with food and eat it?

one pregnancy to the food taboos

diet food one: instant noodles

want to eat a lot of mothers say something, his mouth did not taste, you want to eat instant noodles, but in fact, normal people do not even eat yichi instant noodles, instant noodles as the main ingredient is carbohydrates, soup contains only a small amount of msg, salt and other spices, which is very little nutrient content, and mothers of normal life activities need protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and of water. as long as the lack of one nutrient, a long time, it will become sick. therefore, mothers who do not eat as much as possible or prohibited to eat this food. although no good mothers eat instant noodles, instant noodles, but some mothers can not help but delicious temptation, then, mothers eat instant noodles when we must note the following:

1 one day eat up time, can not eat every day.

2. consumption should increase the number of non-staple food, where appropriate, to supplement the nutritional deficiencies.

3. the third is suffering from gastrointestinal diseases and loss of appetite, malabsorption of mothers, it is best not to eat noodles.

food taboos ii: unpasteurized protein food

including milk, cheese, white cheese like the french brie, goat cheese, camembe cheese, goat cheese, white cheese, fresh cheese, frozen or smoked meats, seafood, such as salmon, trout, cod, tuna , mackerel (often close to the "star food" "smoked salmon" "smoked," "smoked products" or "dried meat" and other labels.) these foods often contain harmful bacteria. frozen or smoked seafood cooked edible boiled or safety, such as baking, cooking.

here to talk about pregnant women to drink milk or yogurt good question. milk because of its fresh, nutrient damage was very small, high nutritional value, so the choice for many mothers milk, but its drawback is easily contaminated and bad, so try to buy the milk when large supermarket, choose well-known enterprises the product.

but some mothers can not drink fresh milk. because of its lack of lactase, or lactase activity is low, the lactose in milk can not be decomposed in the intestine, and fermentation produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, resulting in bloating, diarrhea, this part of the expectant mother can choose yogurt. fresh milk, yogurt is added in the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, because of its small clot, in which the minerals calcium, iron, zinc is more easily absorbed, and can inhibit intestinal pathogens, but also stimulate the intestinal peristalsis, intestinal function and thus play a two-way adjustment. so for the lactose intolerant mother, yogurt is a good choice.

food taboos iii: any alcoholic beverage

after the pregnancy, any alcoholic beverages are mothers should not drink. because these are likely to pass through the placenta into the baby's bloodstream and cause damage, so mothers should not drink alcoholic beverages, even beer or wine, although the amount of alcohol they are very low, but which may contain harmful chemicals such as additives and the like, is difficult to estimate the damage to the fetus.

mothers cola drinks is forbidden to drink. general cola drinks contain caffeine, clonidine, pigments, etc., too much clonidine, caffeine into the pregnant women would lead to central nervous system stimulant, resulting in irritability, rapid breathing, fat tremor, tachycardia, insomnia , tinnitus, vertigo and other adverse reactions. caffeine can also act on the fetus through the placenta, the fetus inside the mother's body directly affected by the adverse effects of caffeine. and the occurrence of fetal death, low birth weight and other toxic effects.

in addition, some cola drinks contain phosphorus substances, excessive phosphorus intake can interfere with absorption of calcium skeletal system, which reduces bone strength, the normal development of the fetus is extremely unfavorable.

food taboos four: hot sauce

heat condiments including cumin, anise fennel, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, allspice, chili powder and the seasoning. pregnant women eat hot sauce is easy to consume intestinal water, reduce the secretion of the gastrointestinal glands, resulting in intestinal dry constipation. occurrence of constipation, pregnant women must be spurts of defecation, the increased abdominal pressure, pressure of the fetus within the uterus, could easily lead to fetal irritability, premature birth and other adverse consequences.

food taboos five: hawthorn

pregnant woman often accompanied by fatigue, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and other ideas, personalized look to eat sweet and sour fruit, hawthorn acidic sweet jointed, many women look to eat. however, hawthorn has some gratitude for the role of the uterus, can contribute to the uterus purse.

mass consumption during pregnancy if the pregnant woman hawthorn and its products, easily lead to abortion.

food taboos six: longan (longan)

despite the huge longan nutrition, on a good tonic, but should eat or not eat during pregnancy, because of its warm, hot, and pregnant women are often caused by deficiency heat easily, and then heated on a hot fresh longan will, drawing women stool dry, tongue dry and hot tire easily lead to women exposed ugly vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain and other symptoms of threatened abortion.

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