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female breast pain or due to cervical spondylosis

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36-year-old ms. wu is a secondary school teacher, most recently in january her right breast pain is often felt, thought it was to pre-menstrual normal reaction, but after the end of such period, the feeling of pain is increasing, think of a colleague recently suffering from breast cancer unit, quickly came to leave the hospital breast center for treatment. after examination, ms. wu breast tenderness is due to the recurrence of cervical disease.

breast pain and cervical spondylosis, it seems a bit irrelevant. daily life, like the chest area of ​​cervical disease outbreaks symptoms of angina and arrhythmias, has been recognized, and breast pain may be intractable cervical nerve root irritation of the symptoms are seldom recognized. breast pain that some people because of long lasting, even if the back had "breast cancer" ideological baggage. doctors prompt you a female friend, breast tenderness, cervical spondylosis is one of the reasons to pay attention to the prevention of female friends.

= breast cancer, breast disease?

breast pain many women's first reaction is to look to the hospital breast surgery, especially for the "breast cancer" in the name is quite sensitive. experts point out, such as clinical as wu caused by cervical spondylosis refractory breast pain is not uncommon, known as the "neck breast tenderness," the main reason is the sleep position is not correct, long-term strain or damage caused by external traction cervical degenerative disease, oppression, and to stimulate the cervical nerve roots, resulting in soft tissue near the spasm, edema, chronic degeneration induced breast pain.

experts said, cervical and breast tenderness in the ordinary symptoms of breast pain significantly different. "clinically, neck breast tenderness usually chronic, and is unilateral, in more common in older women. the degree of pain is often related to the location and neck and neck with the other proportional to the degree of nerve root involvement in addition to breast pain, but also contact with the pectoralis major muscle tenderness, and neck, pillow, shoulder and arm pain and discomfort, nerve root involvement dominated areas of strength, feeling will change. neck x-ray if there bone growth or cervical stenosis can gap diagnosis, such as x-ray films are often signs of degenerative diseases, such as bone spurs, etc., to the sixth, seventh cervical department of involvement is the most common, and the breast itself, no abnormality was found. "

experts said the cause of breast pain for many reasons, some physical pain, not too tight. antecedents such as menstrual cramps, increased estrogen levels, caused by hyperplasia of the breast pain and tenderness in the breast; women during pregnancy because of congestion caused the breast sensitive breast, breast tenderness often produce; postpartum swelling breast milk and breast swelling caused the poor pain, nodules; menopausal women and young women after abortion due to decreased estrogen levels caused by localized breast pain, lumps, etc. however, if the cervical disease, chest wall diseases caused by neuropathic pain will have to pay attention to timely medical treatment.

physician reminded female friend, when suddenly the breast persistent, severe pain or acupuncture-like pulsating pain, persistent burning pain, or nipple discharge while ulceration of the skin around the nipple, it must as soon as possible to the hospital in order to guard against the occurrence of malignant lesions.

special postures or forced posture lead to cervical spondylosis

it is understood that the "neck breast tenderness," the long-term high-risk population, including the teachers desk, long-term shoulder weight-bearing women and vulnerable to external damage to the female athletes.

as a result of the need, some people need special posture or forced posture, if not pay attention to prevent, it is prone to chronic fatigue symptoms arising from cervical spondylosis.

long desk staff, typists, accountants, teachers, long on the computer, a high degree of inappropriate long tables and chairs, are prone to neck and shoulder strain.

"many jobs, such as painters, electricians, engineering lettering, vehicle or machinery mechanic, embroidery, sewing, drivers, etc., and those with special occupational position, if not promptly corrected, coupled with poor working conditions, but also accelerated the neck, the incidence of soft tissue strain. "

this strain may be cured if promptly corrected, or long-term continues, will develop into bone and joint damage, eventually leading to cervical disease.

white women for cervical doing "calisthenics"

"white-collar women, long desk, and lack of exercise, every day staring at computer screens, the only activity of the upper and lower body only a hand holding the mouse. the tremendous work pressure caused mental stress, but also for cervical become exhausted. "li for white-collar office people often feel back pain, or even to feel breast tenderness, so experts explained.

busy work and life pressures, so we often ignore the neck discomfort, and long-term oppression of the neck can easily induced cervical disease.

small office cubicle although people can not fully stretch the body and neck muscles, but in the desk to a small extent, "looked around", that either side was the anti- direction of the alternating activities neck, but it allows the neck to get a rest, so that cervical spine to be "calisthenics."

doctors recommend long-term teachers desk, white-collar workers and other women home after work, leisure and home as much as possible put on loose clothes, and pay attention to correct incorrect sleeping posture.

in their daily lives to treat cervical spine, especially for a special position to maintain a fixed straight people need to take a break every half hour or so, slowing of the cervical spine, "soft loss "do not look at just a few steps leisure small action on the prevention of cervical spondylosis is a great help. if conditions permit, you can take a number of health products nutritional supplements.

doing a small addition to the regular exercise, experts also advise women should pay attention to my friends to feel comfortable. working pressure, pay attention to adjust the pace of life, not only harmful to women's cervical health, is not conducive to women's mental outlook and living conditions.

"breast tenderness and mood swings often, work stress, etc. have a certain relationship of women's mental condition affecting the body's hormones and menstrual cramps. too busy with work, the pressure increases big time, not only menstrual disorders, breast pain will emerge. "

some women" expect, "breast tenderness may occur before and after menstruation, often in time to certainly a pain, it has formed a kind of psychological suggestion and conditioning. so to feel comfortable is to reduce or eliminate the spirit of the best methods of breast tenderness.

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