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the pathogenesis of pulpitis

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pulpitis commonly known as tooth neuralgia. the disease mostly by

deep dentin caries development, the bacteria through the dentinal tubules, or by wearing a hole into the medullary cavity through the gingival caused. the main clinical manifestations are severe pain, particularly at night even.

(1) clinical manifestations

nature of acute pulpitis pain spontaneous, paroxysmal pain, particularly at night even. pain in the beginning of a short time, but with the progression of pain, time gradually lengthened, shortened time interval followed, and finally the evolution of persistent pain. treatment when the patients often can not clear that bingya lies. pain often radioactive or traction pain, radiation to the ipsilateral upper and lower teeth and the head and face. acute pulpitis, the hot and cold stimulation can cause the teeth to stimulate pain.

check the teeth have cavities visible.

(2) treatment

western medicine

acute teeth pulpitis is generally difficult to achieve pain relief by analgesics purpose of serving the most effective way is to open the pulp chamber, so that the product of inflammation and pus out, reducing the intramedullary pressure, rapid pain relief. suffering from pulpitis teeth removed by an operation dentist pulp, disinfect the canal until after the fillings to eliminate the symptoms in order to achieve the purpose of saving teeth, such as no proper treatment, pulpitis can develop the apical abscess, osteomyelitis and even the skull, only removal of the teeth.


single prescription

① asarum 3 grams, piper aside, chuan jiao, 6 grams of mint, wind, each 4.5 g galangal. on drug use liquid rinse water to cook.

② piper pull, borneol and 3 grams of research to fine. with sterile cotton or gauze to drugs, including bread, home toothache.


① on the teeth to take gu, shimonoseki, in chambers. the next tooth to take gu, buccal car. strong stimulation twisting reducing method, l-2 times a day.

② three teeth on the toothache take ying hong, among points. bearing slurry obtained under pain points. removed after five teeth on the toothache off, dent at the zygomatic process, taking pain under ear lobe and the midpoint of the mandibular angle, buccal cars, big welcome points; to mean cutting pressure, gradually forced, 15-20 minutes.

(3) prevention

aggressive treatment of dental caries. fasting spicy spicy food.

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