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inverted eyelashes how to treat

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patients gender: male

age: six

main symptoms: eyes sensitive to light eyes inverted eyelashes

time of onset: two years old

trichiasis treatment

1. removal of inserted down the eyelashes: lashes with tweezers to pull trichiasis, simple operation and no complications, but the eyelashes will grow back, so every four to six weeks you have to pull a trichiasis.

2. ablation method: the eyelashes of the hair root to the method of electrical burn damage, so long no longer trichiasis out, but ablation may not be accurate destroy the hair root, but there may be injury to the adjacent normal eyelashes, causing another trichiasis.

3. freezing: the eyelashes of the hair follicle to destroy frozen -20 degrees, the effect is good, but may cause eyelid pigment loss, leaving the eyelids uneven color.

4. laser method: the use of lasers to eyelashes hair root damage, with good results, but may be done two or three times to quit, and higher costs.

5. surgical method: if only a few localized trichiasis, trichiasis and lid can be removed will be and if a large range of trichiasis, and even eyelashes are inserted down the entire row, you need an operation.

experts guide:

hello! based on your description of symptoms, is likely to be lower eyelid trichiasis ministry bared.

are innate of the lower eyelid inversion. choose that method mainly depends on the degree of varus.

if not inverted, but trichiasis. available electrolysis or laser treatments. operating normally well, do not cause lacrimal duct obstruction. if there is varus, or surgery can cure, surgery many ways, notched, and not the incision. from the lower eyelid incision close to the general. some time after the appearance of what will not change. eyelid surgery in order to show double-fold. incision is relatively high, so you may rest assured will not affect the appearance.

varus surgery. is outpatient surgery, in the local hospital to find an experienced regular professional eye doctor to do.

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