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vaginal stenosis and adhesions can lead to infertility female vulva and vagina

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there are many reasons for infertility, vaginal stenosis and female genital and vaginal adhesions are one of the causes of infertility, the experts pointed out that shanghai hongqiao hospital, clinical vaginal stenosis and adhesions are divided into congenital and acquired secondary to the two.

1, congenital vaginal stenosis and adhesions: congenital vaginal stenosis and adhesion was mainly due to the development of congenital vaginal vaginal stenosis resulting in poor adhesion, such as mediastinal vagina, double vagina and other congenital malformations. clinically by b-scan, x-ray imaging and other ancillary diagnostic methods easily make a diagnosis, and some congenital mediastinal and double vagina vagina deformity does not affect the lives of women and pregnancy, can not be treated, but if the cause sexual difficulties, not pregnancy psychosis is necessary and timely diagnosis and treatment. clinical treatment, commonly used method of surgical repair, with current technology, the treatment works well, the success rate is also high, but pay attention to post-operative care to prevent infection and vaginal scar adhesions, etc. happen.

2, secondary vaginal stenosis and adhesions; stenosis and adhesions secondary lead female vulva and vagina one of the causes of infertility, common secondary vaginal stenosis and adhesions of the two main reasons:

first, inflammation, inflammation of the vagina may lead to stenosis or adhesion, such as early childhood vaginitis or injury, foreign body infections, untreated or inadequately treated, it is easy after the formation of adhesions, scar contracture narrow.

second surgery, surgical scars are caused by adhesions secondary vaginal stenosis and the main reason why, experts point out that in the vagina for congenital malformations, trauma or vaginal wall repair sutures, the vaginal tumor resection, perioperative management must be comprehensive and detailed, ready to prevent adhesions and stenosis treatment.

often, to prevent infection, based on the patient with the expansion of the vagina with a suitable mold (preferably dental teeth mold powder as raw material to shape, to facilitate distribution band, which will help yinye discharge, but also easy to clean and disinfect).

the treatment of secondary vaginal stenosis and commonly used surgical separation of adhesions, and digital rectal examination in the catheter under the guidance of careful separation, according to whether the size of skin graft wound film coverage, patients after the anti-inflammatory used to stop bleeding with gauze packing or directly with the mold, while strict infection prevention and control. for mild adhesions and stenosis can also be used directly under the guidance of doctors die gradually expanded.

vaginal stenosis and adhesions vulva and vagina is one of the causes of infertility, the clinical-surgical treatment can be easily restored by fertility, but the shanghai hongqiao hospital, experts pointed out that patients in the surgery must pay attention to good post-operative care to prevent scarring and re-adhesion.

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