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Chinese medicine treatment of Helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis clinical observation

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digestive system of helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis is a common disease, although the western triple sterilization efficacy of therapy is better, but there certain side effects, i in recent years, the use of exclusive secluded treating helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis, results were satisfactory.

patient selection based on the following criteria:

1. who meet the "practical combination of chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment of learning" in light of chronic table of gastritis in western diagnostic criteria;

2. all cases were diagnosed by fiberoptic endoscopy and h. pylori rapid urease test was positive;

3. tcm for the spleen card, see epigastric pain, poor appetite deprivation, belching, noisy heartburn, bloating, fatigue, headache, bowel disorders, mouth odor, pink tongue body fat with teeth marks, yellow greasy tongue fur, pulse slow and other symptoms.

all cases of hospital outpatients. treatment group, 60 cases, 37 males and 23 females; aged 17 to 68 years, mean 45 years; duration of 0.5 to 28 years, an average of 6.3 years. control group of 60 patients, 35 males and 25 females; aged 18 to 66 years, mean 43.8 years; duration of 0.5 to 27 years, an average of 6.5 years. two groups of gender, age, duration, clinical symptoms and mucosal inflammation statistically, no difference was significant, comparable (p; 0.05).

treatment group were quiet treating row, as follows:

herb 15g, magnolia 10g, dried tangerine peel 10g, licorice 6g, coptis 6g, zhuru 10g, dandelion 15g, fructus 15g, mabo 10g, nard 10g, poria 10g. shuijianbi day 1, two weeks course of treatment.

sterilization control group using triple therapy:

omeprazole 20mg, once daily oral dose; cefadroxil penicillin 1000mg, twice a day orally; metronidazole 400mg, 2 times a day orally. two weeks course of treatment.

main outcome measures the main symptoms of chronic gastritis and signs, changes in gastric endoscopy, rapid urease test check the hp-positive rate. determine the efficacy of standard reference "practical diagnosis and treatment of integrative studies." divided into short-term clinical cure (1 month after the primary symptoms, secondary symptoms disappear or disappear; endoscopic review after 1 month of active inflammation disappeared, improvement of mild chronic inflammation), effective (1 month after the main clinical symptoms secondary symptoms disappeared; review in january after endoscopic mucosal acute inflammation disappeared and chronic inflammation improved), effective (1 month after the main symptoms were relieved; review in january after endoscopic mucosal lesions narrow 1 / 2, inflammation has been reduced), invalid (less than one month after the effective standard cases).

treatment outcomes:

treatment group, 60 cases were cured in 35 cases, 19 cases were markedly effective in 4 cases, 2 cases, total effective rate was 96.7%. control group, 60 cases were cured in 24 cases, 19 cases were markedly effective, 8 cases, 9 cases, the total efficiency of 85%. compared two groups were significantly different (p; 0.05). negative rate of helicobacter pylori treatment group 91.6%, 90% of the control group, no significant difference (p; 0.05).

helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis is a country medicine "epigastric pain", "fullness", "noisy", "tunsuan" and other areas, common syndromes of liver stomach, spleen, stomach deficiency, qi stagnation, etc., the clinical observation that the majority of patients with type spleen, about 50% or more, so i use the heat and dampness, xingpi qingfei treatment of helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis with satisfactory results. treatment of warm dry fang bitter herb, most good dehumidification spleen; magnolia wet gasification, consumer inflation in addition to full, and dried tangerine peel, licorice component pingwei, spleen dampness, qi and stomach; plus heat of the dampness berberine, qing yu hepatogastric heat dandelion, clearing away heat and use. and reduced along with the stomach, lung qi su-down, so fang with jhuru vomiting phlegm, mabo heat su lung, spleen and stomach plus citrus aurantium common air; willing to release yu xingpi, poria dampness and health spleen, the spleen and stomach to help a total quxie, various drugs wu, spleen and stomach down, air may pass. modern pharmacological studies have shown that magnolol, berberine acrid bitter drop, to reconcile air, anti-inflammatory, kill the role of helicobacter pylori; poria has to improve the immune capacity, improve physical illness, and enhance disease resistance, as well as anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect; dandelion gallbladder, liver, anti-gastric ulcer. by the side of the body's overall drug use mediation, reorganizing the stomach, the stomach to improve the environment, enhance the body's immune system, as well as direct suppression of helicobacter pylori killing effect to achieve the purpose of elimination of helicobacter pylori.

application secluded row of treating helicobacter pylori-associated gastritis is a spleen-type patients, and compared with the triple sterilization treatment, the results show that the role of the clinical efficacy and kill all hp good, no nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, constipation and other side effects, and inexpensive, but traditional chinese medicine decoction method cumbersome, to be further improved formulations.

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