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advantages and disadvantages of Western medicine treatment of malignant brain tumors, brain tumors more

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malignant brain tumor, also known as brain cancer, is growing in the intracranial cancer is a common disease in the nervous system, one function of the human nervous system, great harm. the current study suggests that: the incidence of malignant brain tumors is the development of a variety of causes, occurrence and development of multi-stage process. on the treatment of malignant brain tumors, there are two methods of traditional chinese medicine and western medicine, and its treatment of malignant brain tumors has its advantages and disadvantages, now in the western treatment of malignant brain tumors advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

western medicine: the cause of malignant brain tumors is not very clear so far, western medicine in the prevention of the occurrence of malignant brain tumors in the absence of effective measures and methods, but with malignant brain tumors in the control of the occurrence of certain environmental factors and related diseases do some exploring; in treatment, prevention and treatment of malignant brain tumors in the western part because mass lesion or dysfunction caused by oppression have good results, but for malignant brain tumors often cause changes in the pathophysiology of the lack of effective treatment measures.

chinese medicine: chinese medicine in accordance with its unique theoretical system, the application of chinese medicine to prevent the occurrence and development of malignant brain tumors have had some effect. in terms of treatment, the role of medicine in the elimination of less mass, but medicine in the fight against malignant brain tumor-induced pathophysiological changes has a good effect, is the role of western medicine fail.

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