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cold hands and feet treatment - acupuncture point stimulation - Chinese secret garden

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cold hands and feet treatment - acupuncture point stimulation therapy - massage therapy - chinese secret garden

treatment of cold hands and feet

women to talk about the enemy, still have to be "cold hands and feet." said a female every two people is a disease the victims.

some even worry about cold hands and feet due to exceptionally severe, derived from insomnia, there are many women, even the thick of summer without underwear or socks , very easily lead to irregular menstruation or physical pain, sometimes, it will become the cause of infertility.

cold hands and feet due to a low blood pressure or anemia, etc., but most is still the autonomic nervous system disorders, autonomic nervous system which in the good adjustment of acupuncture therapy, the efficacy of cold hands and feet is the best.

treatment of cold hands and feet and the stimulation of acupuncture points

too river point extremely effective treatment of cold hands and feet. was troubled by this disease a friend, be sure to stimulate this point before going to sleep, repeatedly stimulated in the day, i knew it would forget the cold hands and feet a thing of.

too river point next to the inside of the ankle from the inside of the ankle center, the rear toes to touch the inside ankle side and achilles tendon, there is a large depression, this depression the middle, can feel the beating of the artery that is too much at the river point.

points on the river can be used in too indirect moxibustion, incense moxibustion stimulation, there are results. or carefully massage stimulation, the effect was good.

during the day, rice paste in this hole, so that you can long time to maintain efficacy of acupuncture. if concomitant use of sub-s point, yongquan, sanyinjiao, the better.

hand fingers point

cold hands and feet and then introduce another effective special effects for point this point in the index finger to the small fingers, each finger of the bifurcation, a little place near the back side.

point fingers when stimulated with finger pressure a little hard to rub the fork fingers, rub the fingers that point twelve minutes, just have cold hands, will become nice and warm this cave has cold hands and feet get rid of the power.

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